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Youth Park Sport Area

199, Shuiyuan Rd., Wanhua District, Taipei City

Taipei Children's Amusement Park

The new Taipei Children&rsqu...

55, Sec. 5, Chengde Rd., Shilin District, Taipei City

Taipei Water Park

1, Siyuan St., Zhongzheng District, Taipei City

Thermal Valley

Zhongshan Rd., beside the Beitou Park, Beitou Dictrict, Taipei City

Shilin Official Residence Park

60, Fulin Rd., Shilin District, Taipei City

Huashan 1914 Creative Park

Established in 1914, this s...

1, Sec. 1, Bade Rd., Zhongzheng District, Taipei City

44 South Village (Xinyi Public Assembly Hall)

50, Songqin St., Xinyi District, Taipei CIty

Beitou Refuse Incineration Plant

Completed in 1991, the third...

271, Zhoumei St., Beitou District, Taipei City

Taipei Zoo

Founded in 1915, it was sit...

30, Sec. 2 Xinguang Rd., Wenshan District, Taipei City

Museum of Drinking Water

Built in 1908, the pump sta...

1, Siyuan St., Zhongzheng District, Taipei City

Tianmu Weekend Market

Intersection of Sec. 7, Zhongshan N. Rd. and Tianmu W. Rd., Shilin District , Taipei City

C.M.P.C. Studios

34, Sec 2, Zhishan Rd., Shilin District, Taipei City

Songshan Cultural and Creative Park

133, Guanfu S. Rd., Xinyi District, Taipei City

Jingmei Market

137, Jingwen St., Wenshan District, Taipei City

Yongle Market

21, Sec. 1, Dihua St., Datong District, Taipei City

MAJI Square

Taipei Expo Park, 1, Yumen St., Zhongshan District, Taipei City

Taipei City Extreme Sports Training Center

382, Sec. 7, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Nangang District, Taipei City

Taipei Brewery


Xining Market

Xining Market has over 30 ye...

4, Xining S. Rd.,Wanhua District, Taipei City

Taipei City Hakka Cultural Park

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