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台北市電影委員會 Taipei Film Commission

About Us

About TFC

 Resourceful & Flexible 
     The Taipei Film Commission was established in the end of 2007 to provide assistance for film production in Taipei city. As a semi-governmental organization with the Commissioner of the city's Department of Cultural Affairs as chairman and industry professionals as commissioners, the TFC is resourceful and flexible at the same time.

     Be it about location scouting, tax credit, traffic control or advertisement broadcasting, the TFC is committed to do its best to make your movie-making project in Taipei as rewarding and successful as possible. The TFC is also developing strategic plans for the strengthening of the local film industry. The commission will provide leadership to the local and national film industry.

     In order to facilitate your creative work, the TFC established extensive online location gallery, formulated streamlined administrative procedures, gathered valuable information and created an easy-to-use website… All the effort is for your convenience. We wish you can have great creative experiences in our beloved city.

Members of the Board

Yung-Feng Chung

Chairman/Commissioner, Department of Cultural Affairs

Jennifer Jao

Vice Chairman/Director, Taipei Film Commission

Hsiao-Hsien Hou

Board Member/Director, 3H Production Ltd.

Kevin Chu

Board Member/Director, President of The Motion Picture Foundation(ROC) 

Wai-Kong Wong

Board Member/Chairman, Visual and Audio Production Association(ROC) 

Jufeng Yeh

Board Member/Executive Producer, MandarinVision 

Tamako Pan

Board Member/Producer, Green Film Production 

David Lee

Board Member/Producer, Founder/CEO of Leeding Media 

Dennis Wu

Board Member/President, VIESHOW CINEMAS 

Kuei-Mei Yang

Board Member/Actress, Key Stone Corp. 

Angie Chai

Board Member/President, Star Ritz International Entertainment Co.,Ltd. 

TFC Administrators

Pei-yu Kuo

Art Development Division Chief, Departmet of Cultural Affairs


Art Development Division Researcher, Departmet of Cultural Affairs

Su, Yi-Ru

Art Development Division Unit Chief, Departmet of Cultural Affairs

Rosa Wang

Art Development Division Coordinator, Departmet of Cultural Affairs 

Chia-chien Lee

Art Development Division Strategist, Departmet of Cultural Affairs 



Tel:  +(886) 2 2709-3880
Fax: +(886) 2 2709-2339
Location: 1&2F, No.630, Guangfu S. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 10695, Taiwan

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