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David TANG
Gender: Male
Having been a film journalist for two decades, David TANG has accumulated abundant personal connections. He started his production career in 2006, having produced films that were successful in terms of box office and review, like Silk (SU Chao-bin, 2006), Blood Brothers (Alexi TAN, 2007), Red Cliff (John WOO, 2009), Mei Lanfang (Kaige CHEN, 2008), etc. In 2008, he founded Stellar Entertainment Group Limited with world-renowned star Michelle YEOH, actively incubating actors from Taiwan, Hong Kong and China and contributing to film productions. Films produced by him include My Fair Gentleman (Juyuan LI, 2009), Close to You (CHENG Hsiao-tse, 2010), Bang Bang Formosa (Andy LUO, 2012), Caught in the Web (Kaige CHEN, 2012), etc. He also took part in the production of Reign of Assassins (SU Chao-bin, 2010), providing assistance for the shooting in Taiwan. Recent works include My Mandala (2013, Golden Horse Award-winning scriptwriter Elsa YANG's debut feature), Live@Love (2014, the first film directed by actor CHANG Shih), Where the Wind Settles (2015, WANG Tung's epic film). He has also been involved in TV film productions like Get Married, Life Is Shit and Proposal.

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