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CHENG Hsiao-tse
Gender: Male
Graduated from the Master Program of Directing at Taipei National University of the Arts, CHENG Hsiao-tse started as a commercial and freelance writer and director. The experiences during his graduate school years became the critical turning point for him as a filmmaker. 《Numbers》, a high-paced and humorous short film he made during the second year of his graduate study was well received and was nominated for Best Feature in the Taipei Film Festival. His debut feature film, 《Miao Miao》, a teenage love drama was selected for the "Generation" Section in the Berlinale. His second feature, 《Close to You》, is about boxing, love and fantasies.
In recent years, his productions have been based in Beijing. He was the C-unit director for 《Taichi 0》 and 《Tai Chi Hero》 (2012), screenwriter for 《Kora》 (nominated for the Golden Horse Awards for Best Adapted Screenplay in 2011), 《Taichi 0》 and 《Tai Chi Hero》, editor for 《Starry Starry Night》 (2011), 《Painted Skin: The Resurrection》 (2011), 《Taichi 0》 and 《Tai Chi Hero》. He also made a few award-winning commercial shorts (Micro Films), such as 《Always Want You to Care for Me》 (2011), 《The Love Story of Ms. Kang Jian-ni》 (2012) and 《Of Love and Rain》 (2012).


1998 《Piala-Kasi》 (short)

2005 《Numbers》 (short)

2008 《Miao Miao》
Busan International Film Festival – "A Window on Asian Cinema"
Hong Kong Asian Film Festival – Opening Film
Golden Horse Film Festival – nominated for Best Leading Actress and Best Original Film Song
Berlin International Film Festival – "Generation 14plus" Section
Taipei Film Festival – Best Cinematography, Best Editing

Seattle International Film Festival

2008 《Save the Lover》 (short)
2010 《Close to You》
Macau International Film Festival – nominated for Best Screenwriting, Best Actor and Best Actress

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