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CHEN Yi-wen
Gender: Male
During his years as a student, CHEN Yi-wen has been active in the fields of theatre, television and cinema, demonstrating versatile talents as an actor, scriptwriter, director and producer. He has worked with Edward YANG on many productions, including 《A Confucian Confusion》 (1994) to which he was assistant director and actor.
In 1994, CHEN Yi-wen founded the High Noon Workshop and produced his first short film titled 《Scenes of Violence》 with an extremely low budget of 3,000NTD but generated 600,000NTD in revenues through broadcasting on TV channels in Taiwan and Japan. The achievement has strengthened his ambition for investing in film production and has assured his insight on running the enterprise.
In 1998, he wrote and directed his first feature film 《Jam》, a film imbued with a fast and light rhythm of storytelling as well as a sensible urban feeling pertaining to filmmakers from the new generation. 《A Chance to Die》, launched in 2000, represented bold behaviors of marginal people of the society. As for 《The Cabbie》, launched in the same year, it has set a new tone for Taiwanese comedy and won Grand Jury Award at Golden Horse Film Festival as well as Jury Prize and Best Director Award at Taipei Film Festival. Besides, it was selected into "Forum" of Berlinale and won Best Director at Deauville Asian Film Festival. 《The Cabbie》 also represented Taiwan to compete for Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.
After returning from his study tour in New York in 2001, CHEN Yi-wen not only prepared for shooting but also worked for theatre, television and advertising. 《Tripping》, completed in 2006, was a costume drama and fantastic road movie with special effects of computer graphics. It was praised by Japanese critiques as "an entertaining film capable of revitalizing Taiwan's film industry."
In recent years, he has been the executive producer to numerous films including 《R U There》 (directed by David Verbeek from Netherlands; 2009), 《Formosa Mambo》 (directed by WANG Ci-tsai; 2011) as well as his own films: 《Case No.1689》 and 《As the Winds Blow》.


1994 《Scenes of Violence》 (short)

1995 《Lessons》 (short)

1998 《Jam》
Shown at more than ten international film festivals in
San Sebastian, Vancouver, Rotterdam, etc.

2000 《A Chance to Die》
Hong Kong International Film Festival – Closing Film
Shown at Jeonju International Film Festival, Asia-Pacific
Film Festival, etc.

2000 《The Cabbie》 (co–directed with CHANG Hua-kun)
Taipei Film Festival – Jury Prize, Best Supporting Actor
Golden Horse Film Festival – Grand Jury Award, Best Supporting Actor
Deauville Asian Film Festival – Best Director
Shown at Berlinale, Busan International Film Festival, Los Angeles Film
Festival, etc.

2006 《Tripping》

2009 《Case No.1689》

2013 《As the Winds Blow》

【Upcoming Production】
《Pureness and Sludge》 (working title)

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