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Charlie CHU
Gender: Male
Charlie CHU was born in 1967 and is experienced in making commercials and music videos. He has had many successful TV dramas and a few documentaries as well, including 《Timeless Journey Taiwan》 (2008), 《The Postcards from Formosa》 (2009).
Since 2007, he used his knowledge as a professional photographer to start experimenting with 3D development when it was still an uncommon approach in Taiwan. He was also the first one to bring in the 2K equipment to Taiwan, which were the same facilities as those used in Hollywood productions. In 2008, he completed 《Bug's Mission》, which was the first 3D short film to be produced in Taiwan. In 2010, he directed his debut feature, 《Clownfish》, the first 3D feature production in Taiwan. The production from beginning to end, including production itself and post tech-production were all made in Taiwan by local film professionals, which shows the local progress of 3D technology and how CHU was the leading pioneer of 3D film technology in Taiwan.
In 2011, Charlie CHU was in charge of the stereoscopic filming for Taiwanese band Mayday's first 3D concert film, 《Mayday 3DNA》. In 2013, he won the International Jury Prize of the 4th 3D Creative Arts Awards with his film 《3D Taiwan》, and was acknowledged for his work on the same stage as Ang LEE who won Best Live-Action 3D Feature in the same occasion which is reputed to be the Oscar in the field of 3D.


2008 《Bug's Mission》 (3D short)

2010 《Clownfish》 (3D feature)

2011 《Mayday 3DNA》 (3D filmmaking)

2012《 3D Taiwan》 (3D documentary)
3D Creative Arts Awards – International Jury Prize

【Upcoming Production】

《Unforgettable》 (3D documentary)

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