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Yangmingshan American Military Housing

On June 25, 1950, the Korean War broke out. To contain the spreading of communism, the U.S. signed the Sino-American Mutual Defense Treaty with Taiwan, formed the Military Assistance Advisory Group, and dispatched the Seventh Fleet to the Taiwan Strait for support, and to accommodate U.S. officers stationed in Taiwan, the U.S. and the Nationalist government planned and built housing facilities in Yangmingshan’s Shanzihou and Tianmu.Unlike local Taiwanese buildings, the housing was built using the latest designs of the time in the style of 1950s rural American villas. The housing comprised single houses with low, level designs and large yards, even including chimney and cold-weather designs that were not useful in Taiwan. The goal of the interior and exterior designs is to quench the nostalgia of the American residents. In addition, with large lawns and spaces divided by large trees, American individualism is thus represented.

Year established: 1950
Address: Changchun St., Shilin Dist., Taipei City
Management unit: Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City
Shootings: Where the Wind Settles、OPEN! OPEN!

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