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Production Subsidies in Taipei

To promote Taipei City and to support the local film industry, Taipei City Government has offered subsidies for local and international production groups, who are encouraged to capture the beauty of Taipei City with their imagination.
A.Subsidy for international applicants-

Subsidy for international groups is up to 1 million US dollars per year.

TFC is proactive in connecting globally and in building strong relationship with international film commissions and organizations, including Ile de France Film Commission, Rai Cinema (Italy) and Media Development Authority (Singapore), Producers Guild of America (PGA), Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI), Asian Film Commissions Network (AFCNet), and Royal Film Commission- Jordan (RFC).

According to its annual plan, TFC regularly attends international film festivals and location shows, and will continue to explore International marketing channels to provide film productions with the right exposure, which includes:
● Advertising in international media, such as Screen, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter and the official material of Film festivals etc.

● Promotional events in film markets and festivals, including complimentary screenings and/or press conferences.

● Complimentary exposure of displays in TFC’s booth, such as film posters, materials, flyers and trailers etc.

Productions that meet any of the following criteria are eligible to apply for the subsidy:
1.Directed by directors who had won the prize for best director in any of the following international film festivals or award:

● Cannes International Film Festival
● Venice International Film Festival
● Berlin International Film Festival
● The Oscars - Academy Award

2.Produced by producers whose previous productions had won the prize for best picture in any of the international film festivals or award mentioned in previous criteria above
3.Directed or produced by film workers who worked in the same field in their previous productions released within ten years that had box office results more than 200 million US dollars.
B.Subsidy for domestic applicants-

Taipei City Government has offered subsidies totaling NT$25 million (approximately US$840,000) per year for local production groups.
Productions that meet any of the following criteria are eligible to apply for the subsidy:
1.of themes featuring certain people, events, history, locations or objects of interest in, and/or associated with, Taipei City
2.of filming process taking place in Taipei City
Productions requirements:
● With a running time of at least 70 minutes.
● Shot with 16mm or 35mm film, or with equivalent digital cameras.
● With complete marketing plan(s).
TFC provides productions in theaters in Taipei with Domestic Promotion and Marketing assistance, which includes:
▉ Assistance in organizing premieres and special screenings in Taipei.
▉ Complimentary exposure, such as urban panels, metro station advertisements, bus stop advertisings, bus exteriors or bus wrap advertisings etc.
▉ Complimentary exposure of digital playbacks, such as building exteriors, bulletin boards, metro station kiosks and/or TV screens, multimedia displays offered by associated merchants etc.
▉ Hyperlink from TFC's website
For more information, please refer to Department of Cultural Affairs website:
Contact: Lee Jiaqian
Tel: +886-2-27208889 #3551




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